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Excellent shape - each rack is precisely matched to the relevant motorcycle type. This guarantees perfect precision when fitting. Its construction includes factors specific to the model, e.g. helmet and seat locks. Steel bars are coated with chrome or plastic and reinforced with a special inner tube in places exposed to abrasions. Available as a complete rack for both side cases and a topcase (may be mounted as a complete rack only), as a side rack or as a luggage rack (individual or with a additional side rack). TÜV GS approved.Pasuje do :Triumph Sprint 955 RS T695, 2001r.Triumph Sprint 955 RS T695AC, 2002r.Triumph Sprint 955 RS T695AC, 2003r.Triumph Sprint 955 RS T695AC, 2004r.Triumph Sprint 955 ST T695, 2000r.... WINDSCREEN HIGH PROTECTION 47 CM 0.4 CM PMMA CUSTOM REPLACEMENT SMOKED GREYCOLORSmoked GreyMATERIALPMMAMODELHigh ProtectionTHICKNESS0.4 cmHEIGHT47 cmSTYLECustom ReplacementTYPEWindscreenBMWK 1200 R11572005ALL163 PS/ 120 KWBMWK 1200 R ABS11572005ALL163 PS/ 120 KWBMWK 1200 R11572006ALL163 PS/ 120 KWBMWK 1200 R ABS11572006ALL163 PS/ 120 KWBMWK 1200 R11572007ALL163 PS/ 120 KWBMWK 1200 R ABS11572007ALL163 PS/ 120 KWBMWK 1200 R11572008ALL163 PS/ 120 KWBMWK 1200 R ABS11572008ALL163 PS/ 120 KWBMWK 1300 R12932009ALL173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R ABS12932009ALL173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R12932010ALL173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R ABS12932010ALL173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R12932011ALL173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R ABS12932011ALL173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R12932012EUROPE173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R ABS12932012EUROPE173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R ABS12932013EUROPE173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R ABS12932014EUROPE173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R ABS12932015EUROPE173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R ABS12932016EUROPE173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 R Special Edition12932012EUROPE173 PS/ 127 KWBMWK 1300 S ABS12932015ALL175 PS/ 129 KWBMWK 1300 S ABS12932016ALL175 PS/ 129 KWJeśli do zamontowania szyby Bullster potrzebne są mocowania to znajdują się w komplecie razem z szybą.Towar dostępny pod zamówienie klienta. Czas oczekiwania to ok 7-14 dni. ...

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